Tasks amd functions of the ministry

The regulation "On the Ministry for Support of Makhalla and Family of the Republic of Uzbekistan", approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 228 dated April 15, 2020, defines the following principal functions of the Ministry for Support of Makhalla and Family of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • Comprehensive assistance in the full and effective implementation of the principle of "Comfortable and safe makhalla" in society, the establishment of close cooperation with citizens' self-governance bodies to improve the social and spiritual atmosphere in families and makhallas;
  • Implementing a unified government policy to strengthen the institution of the family, aimed primarily at introducing the idea of ​​"Healthy family - healthy society", organizing targeted assistance to dysfunctional and problem families;
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of state policy to support women, protect their rights and legitimate interests, enhance their role and activity in the public and political life of the country, ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men;
  • Timely identification of women's problems, provision of social, legal, psychological and material assistance to women in need of assistance and in difficult social situations, including women with disabilities;
  • Ensuring the employment of women, improving their working conditions, providing women, especially young girls in rural areas, with comprehensive targeted support by involving them in family and private entrepreneurship and handicrafts;
  • Development of proposals for supporting the activities of citizens' self-governance bodies, protecting their rights and legal interests, as well as developing the makhalla system;
  • Strengthening the role and importance of citizens' self- governance bodies in society, increasing their status in dealing with the daily issues of the population and maintaining effective public control;
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation of internal affairs bodies, other government departments and public organizations in ensuring the rule of law and preventing crime in makhallas;
  • Assisting lonely elderly people, families in need of social protection and low-income families financially, providing them with legal, methodological and practical support, sharing the knowledge and rich life experience of representatives of the older generation in improving the spirituality of the youth and strengthening their spirit of patriotism;
  • Implementation of measures aimed at improving the financial and technical security of assemblies of citizens, as well as the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the field.
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