Implementation of the "Well-maintained and Safe neighborhood system"

Full and effective implementation of the principle of “Obod va xavfsiz mahalla” ("Prosperous and safe makhalla"), control over the activities in the field of improving the socio-spiritual environment in families and makhallas.

The organization, coordination, and methodological support of the activities of the territorial departments of the Ministry for Support of Makhalla and Family in the field of crime prevention ensuring the continuous strengthening of human resources.

Improving the legal culture of citizens, especially juveniles and youth, and building cooperation with civil society institutions in the conduction of legal advocacy.

Organization and coordination of the activities of the adviser to the Chairman of citizens’ assembly on youth affairs and the public patrol groups "Fidokor Yoshlar" ("Dedicated Youth").

Developing the main criteria and directions of the concept of “Xavfsiz mahalla” ("Safe makhalla") and ensuring their implementation.

In close cooperation with the citizens' self-governed bodies, taking measures to identify and eliminate the causes and conditions that negatively affect the socio-emotional environment in families and communities.

Focusing on crime prevention and the causes of their occurrence; eliminating the conditions that allow violations to occur; launching long-term and current planning of joint activities with other government agencies and organizations, and civil society institutions.

Working with youth in cooperation with the adviser of the Chairman of citizens’ assembly on youth affairs, including their non-organized part; ensuring their employment, organizing activities in the field of crime prevention among young people.

Monitoring and assessing analytically preventive work with individuals who are prone to crime and exposed to external inappropriate ideas, developing recommendations.

Organizing “Xavfsiz mahalla” activities in territorial departments, coordinating and controlling the activities of the coordination department, and the staff of the district (city) departments responsible for this area.

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