Neighborhood 9 March 2021,12:16 1881

Bektemirlik measures were taken to ensure decent employment of unemployed women

Today, the minister of neighborhood and family support, Mercy Mamatov, was at the zilola and Majnuntol neighborhood citizens 'gatherings in the Bektemir District of Tashkent City and met with unemployed women who were included in the”women's book". The meeting was attended by more than 50 women in these neighborhoods, and the Bektemir district governor and his deputies also took part.

During the meetings held on the ground, the issue of granting preferential loans to 2 of the participating women and girls from the “women's and Families Support Fund”under the Ministry of neighborhood and family support for their participation in entrepreneurial activities was considered. Also, 4 women were re-directed to vocational training. In order for 3 women to be engaged in work at home, as well as for the rest of the women, a number of jobs were offered, which were suitable for their specialists.

In particular, the citizen Lobar Nurmatova was informed about the proposals for employment in the specialties of Nursing from the city's 6th hospital, zarnigor Zaitova and her sister, as well as Khudoyberganova from the Global textile enterprise Mavlyuda.

The relevant instructions were given to the district officials in order to ensure decent work of the women and girls who took part in the meeting.

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