According to the MoU signed between KOICA and the Ministry of Support of mahalla and family, trainings for 21 teachers of educationalcenters of Syrdarya and Bukhara regions were organized in Tashkent

As you know, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry and the Korean International Cooperation Agency on September 17 of this year. According to the paragraph 4 of the memorandum…

19 October 2021, 17:42
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In the framework of the project implemented by the Ministry of Support of Mahalla and Family and the Korean International Cooperation Agency, residents of remote areas of the Bukhara region will undergo a medical check up

It is no coincidence that attention is paid to the protection and strengthening of public health in our country at the level of state policy. Radical reforms in the health care system are aimed at suc…

10 October 2021, 14:58
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It is planned to open a center for women's entrepreneurship in the Karakul district of the Bukhara region

The Ministry of Support of Mahalla and Family seeks to retrain women who were on long parental leave and in difficult economic situations in professions in demand in the labor market, and help them fi…

10 October 2021, 13:44
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Dedicating to the International Day of Girls Press-secretary of TSUOSOctober 09, 2021

"Girls of new Uzbekistan - a progressive and initiative force of society" As part of the Republican Forum dedicated to October, 11- The International Day of Girls, the educational event was held at T…

9 October 2021, 21:55
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To increase the activity of women in all spheres of life, to provide them with education, professional skills and employment, to further support entrepreneurial initiatives, to form a “Women's Notebook” at the local level and to systematically study the problems, needs and interests of women, it is planned to create a women's center in the Shafirkan district of the Bukhara region that will bring work in this direction to a qualitatively new level

The event was attended by the khakim, deputies of the khakim and specialized construction organizations. The existing shortcomings were studied, and tasks were given to eliminate them. Those who wish…

8 October 2021, 16:27
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Representatives of the Ministry of support of mahalla and family and Korean international cooperation agency have planned to organize a center for entrepreneurship of women and girls in the Khoja Yakshaba mahalla, Kagan district, Bukhara region

Instructions were given to officials responsible for assisting women entrepreneurs in the allocation of space in empty buildings in makhallas, as well as to eliminate existing deficiencies. The event …

8 October 2021, 16:11
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KOICA and the Ministry of mahalla and family support signed a MoU on the implementation of the project "Social support for the population affected by the COVID-19 pandemic"

According to the project: Training courses and teacher training will be organized in the Karakul, Shafirkan and Kagan districts of the Bukhara region; Together with the international public fund "Za…

8 October 2021, 13:53
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The necessary measures for holding the republican contest "Gender tenglik faoli" (Activist for gender equality) were discussed.

On October 29, this year, an event was held dedicated to the presentation of the national contest "Gender Tenglik Faoli" (Activist for gender Equality), organized by the Commission for Gender Equality…

9 March 2021, 12:19
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