Society 10 October 2021,14:58 903

In the framework of the project implemented by the Ministry of Support of Mahalla and Family and the Korean International Cooperation Agency, residents of remote areas of the Bukhara region will undergo a medical check up

It is no coincidence that attention is paid to the protection and strengthening of public health in our country at the level of state policy. Radical reforms in the health care system are aimed at such a principle and a noble goal. In particular, it is planned to conduct medical examinations in the Karakul, Alat, Karavulbozor, Peshkinsky districts of the Bukhara region, which will be held in 6 remote makhallas of each district.

The process began on the example of the "Osiyо" mahalla of the Karakul region.

During the event within the framework of the "Week of the Elderly", lonely elderly people will be presented with heating stoves as gifts.

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