Neighborhood 11 March 2021,14:17 2283

The activities of the mahallas were studied and the tasks to eliminate the shortcomings were determined

Minister of Mahalla and Family Support Rakhmat Mamatov visited the Republic of Karakalpakstan to get acquainted with the activities of mahallas and the work carried out within the mahalla system.

First, an open dialogue with talented young people was organized in the Youth Center of the Bozatov district. During the meeting, the minister spoke about the advantages of the reorganization of the district, strengthening the role of the older generation in the positive changes taking place in the region. At the same time, he supported the interests and aspirations of young people and gave them the necessary recommendations for the further development of their talents.

After that, the Minister visited the newly created LLC "Bozataw Textile" and got acquainted with the activities of the enterprise. He also talked to the staff, studied their problems and listened to their suggestions.

The next destination was the house of a resident of Bozatov Dzhuginis Dzhumanazarov. During a conversation with the landlord, he thanked him for making an effective living using his private garden and greenhouse and providing work for his family members, and stressed the need to spread such efforts and set an example to others.

Further, Minister R. Mamatov visited the "Bozatov" and "Kuskhanatao" mahallas and spoke about the work carried out in the region to ensure employment, pay attention to low-income families, prevent crime and divorce, got acquainted with the material and technical base of the buildings of citizens ' gatherings and the conditions created for the effective work of the chairmen and deputies of the mahallas.

He also commented on the achievements and shortcomings and gave instructions to the staff to further improve the efficiency of the mahalla system.

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